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Whether it’s an emergency or you want to enhance your landscape, 72 Tree, Seed & Land offers professional tree removal services to Alpharetta.

The trees in Alpharetta provide us with oxygen, shade, and beautiful landscapes. However, damaged or falling trees are nothing short of deadly. Trees that represent a potential danger require immediate action. Often, the only solution is to cut and remove these potentially hazardous trees. However, in some cases, supportive measures may reduce or eliminate the need for tree removal. Alpharetta, GA residents often need our help with removal of pines and oaks, but tulip and maple trees can cause problems as well. Bradford pear trees are also infamous for shedding large limbs during bad weather.

Why our tree removal service is different and the safest in Alpharetta?

  • Safety is our chief concern, thus we operate in full compliance with DOT and OSHA guidelines.
  • 72 Tree performs all tree removal services and tree pruning in Alpharetta in accordance with ANSI a300 and ANSz133.1 standards, as set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture.
  • We comply with all relevant federal, state and local laws, as well as tree ordinances in Alpharetta.
  • 72 Tree employs specialized tree removal service techniques, designed to minimize damage to the roots, trunks, and canopies of other trees.
  • The experts at 72 Tree perform precise tree removal services, reducing the chance of damage to your driveway, landscape, or other areas of your property.
  • We staff only workers that possess the experience and expertise necessary to perform safe tree removal services. 72 Tree has performed hundreds of extremely dangerous and difficult tree removal jobs for over 45 years with one of the highest safety records in the country.
  • 72 Tree only uses properly rated equipment, whether the task calls for pruning saws or 90-ton cranes.
  • 72 Tree only uses National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) certified crane operators.
  • We guarantee that only an experienced arborist will quote your estimate and be present on the job site for the duration of the project.

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Signs you should call our Alpharetta team to evaluate your tree(s)?

Trees can exhibit several warnings signs before they actually fall. Such trees require careful analysis by an experienced tree removal service. Alpharetta’s best tree service, 72 Tree, has over 40 years of experience in helping home and property owners remove hazardous trees before they cause damage or injury.

If your tree(s) exhibit any of the following symptoms, contact 72 Tree immediately, and let one of our certified arborists inspect the tree(s), assess the level of risk involved and propose a plan of action.

  • Dead trees usually require immediate removal.
  • Large dead branches and areas of significant die back may indicate that the tree has large amounts of internal decay.
  • Trees that tilt suddenly, exhibit exposed roots, or begin pulling up soil pose an immediate danger.
  • Large hollows often indicate the center of the tree has some degree of decay.
  • Cracks indicate the tree has already partially failed and catastrophic failure may be imminent.
  • Tree roots that encircle the tree, called girdling roots, may disrupt its ability to transport water and nutrients throughout the tree.
  • Mushrooms or fungal growth visible on trees can be indicative of decay within your tree.

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Do you need a permit to remove a tree from your property?

Permits can be required for tree removal in Alpharetta. Tree removal permits are always easier to obtain with the help of a certified arborist. Our arborist and removal experts can inspect your trees and determine its likelihood for failure or approval.

Contact us any time, day or night, for help with your tree removal.

For information about tree removal in Alpharetta, please call us now at 678-223-5495 or contact us here.

72 Tree assumes no responsibility for conclusions or recommendations as trees are living organisms subject to the many elements of nature and environmental conditions, which means that they may fail at any given time.