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tree cutting and trimming in alpharetta

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When you want the best pruning and tree trimming in Alpharetta turn to the expert arborist and tree care professionals at 72 Tree, Seed & Land.

Although “trimming” and “pruning” are often used interchangeably, “trimming” is a vague term. All tree cutting services are not created equal. “Trimming” your trees without specialized knowledge will likely damage your trees. An experienced 72 Tree, Seed & Land Co. certified arborist works together with you, the property owner, to come up with pruning objectives to enhance your landscape while caring for your trees and shrubs.


72 Tree, Seed & Land Company’s certified Alpharetta arborists illuminate the art in their craft and the knowledge of tree pruning & trimming.

The Tree Service Division at 72 Tree searched many years to find the most gifted, certified arborists. This is one of the main benefits of using 72 Tree for your pruning and trimming needs. We are in compliance with ANSI A300 industry standards of arboriculture, plus certified again under our trademarked S.T.A.E.® system.

Pruning & Trimming Objectives:

  • Improve a View / Aesthetics
  • Reduce Risk of Failure
  • Maintain Health
  • Provide Clearances
  • Influence Flower or Fruit Production
  • Reduce Shade & Wind Resistance

It’s not what you cut….it’s what you DO NOT CUT.

The most important rule of pruning; do not over-prune. Excessive branch removal reduces each live photocell to produce energy through photosynthesis.

72 Tree, Atlanta arborists, understand the biology of a tree and the overall complications of over-pruning. Knowing when to prune, what to prune, how much to prune, proper equipment utilized to prune, & who to assign to prune are essential factors of mastering pruning.

Don’t let an amateur “trim” and potentially damage your beautiful trees. Call a tree cutting service that employs arborist and tree cutting experts.

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72 Tree assumes no responsibility for conclusions or recommendations as trees are living organisms subject to the many elements of nature and environmental conditions, which means that they may fail at any given time.