expertise-atlanta-tree-removalThe organization of 72 Tree, Seed & Land Co. originated in 1969 during the aftermath of Hurricane Camille in Gulfport MS.

Our teams have traveled many square miles for over 40 years providing recovery and remediation to people in dire need of assistance as in Hurricane Sandy in New York and Hurricane Ike in Houston Texas.

72 Tree, Seed & Land Co. LLC mastered the following areas resulting in an unprecedented safety record as well as a benchmark corporation involving high risk, massive tree removal associated with high voltage, rivers & streams, extreme limited access, expensive roof systems as in slate and historical preservation. Understanding ecology and the dynamic relationship of trees, seed and land has enabled our teams to illuminate their specialty while exceeding property owner expectations. While certification may not be needed for tree cutters, it certainly minimizes the risk of loss of life, severe injury , or catastrophic property damage. We are the No. 1 rated tree service in Atlanta, Roswell and Alpharetta, Georgia within a 100 mile radius with the ability to provide extensive manpower and equipment 24 hours a day.

  • ISA ( International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborists emphasizing the ecology & aesthetics of a project
  • Professional consulting services pertaining to arboriculture, construction and management with expert witness testimony
  • Trademarked S.T.A.E.® (specialized tree analysis experts) with over 40 years of empirical data involving large loss claims
  • Training and testing center ( S.T.A.E.® triple certification) for our staff allowing for a greater spectrum of knowledge
  • Evaluation and determination of the proper methodology for removal for example the type of crane and load capacity
  • Veteran property loss –consultants that handle your insurance claim from start to finish with total transparency
  • Crane operators are NCCO ( National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) as well as OSHA 40hr certified
  • Proper pruning guidelines that co-exist with ANSI A 300 standards of arboriculture and S.T.A.E.® to ensure optimal results
  • Zero impact to driveways, landscaping, infrastructure and historical sites during removal operations on specific jobs
  • Management style that ‘perfected the less wait time’ for policyholders and insurance companies during all outages
  • Ecological restoration involving engineering, construction, arboriculture and management are our ‘industry footprint’.

Atlanta Tree Pruning is sometimes termed ‘tree trimming’ by clients. Pruning a 300 year old white oak is one of the many specialized services of 72 Tree , whereby a client will be reassured that their trees will not be over-pruned, topped or destroyed. Before hiring any individual who sells you on pruning, trimming or cutting any limb off an oak; stop and contact 72 TREE at 678-223-5495.


Our expertise is transferred to the client upon arrival of a veteran certified arborist that is not a commissioned based sales arborist based on a sale. Free arborist consultations usually result in unnecessary, unwarranted and extensive long-term property damage. We charge a small fee for an assessment from our triple-certified arborist team that has been proven to the best money spent for serious clients who value their property and who understand what’s free is not always wise.

Remember assessments are different than an estimate. Assessment or hazard tree evaluation: performed by a specialized consulting arborist with many years of experience performed for a fee.

Estimate: price to remove, cut, prune: performed by a specialized consulting arborist with many years of experience performed for free.

72 Tree does not advocate door knocking, handbills, bogus discounts, solicitation on private property, commissioned based sales arborists, self-made rankings, unwarranted tree care products and injections, improper mulching and dyes, high decibel noise, unwarranted tree injections, over-pruning, topping, collateral damage to existing healthy trees and infrastructure, uncertified crane operators, inexperienced insurance claim handlers , and people who advertise as being an arborist while using the ISA emblem but are, in fact, not certified.

We usually do not harp on negative editing but during the past 3 years , we have inspected unbelievable property damage whereby clients should have done their ‘due diligence’ and not hired the ‘too good to be true’ type of company.

72 Tree, Seed and Land Co., LLC , is based on Tree Professionals with many years of arboriculture, engineering, construction and management.

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72 Tree is a Premiere Sponsor of the Georgia Arborist Association.

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