• Great value, great work, went above and beyond

    As a City of Atlanta homeowner, it's my pleasure to enthusiastically recommend J.D. Shamoun and 72 Tree Seed & Land Co. Not only was J.D.'s bid on our very challenging tree removal among the most competitive of the nine services that bid, but also, J.D. and his team distinguished themselves for their high-quality work, professionalism, courtesy, expertise, and fidelity to their promises. We needed to take down and remove from our backyard a 90-foot tall Southern Red Oak with extensive heart rot. Access was very difficult, and each tree service that bid on the job concluded that using a crane would be best for the safety of the crew and for reduced impact on our property and that of our neighbors. Yet only J.D. seriously investigated the options for using a crane. Whereas the other firms quickly concluded that crane access was impossible, J.D. studied the access points closely, consulted a crane operator, and proposed using a short-wheelbase, narrow crane. As with everything J.D. promised, he delivered on his pledge to use a crane successfully. There was absolutely NO impact on any property. We are grateful to J.D. for his willingness to do what other tree services deemed impossible. We also appreciate his and his team's professionalism and expert work. I would be happy to speak with anyone who'd like additional details of the outstanding work performed by J.D. Shamoun and 72 Tree Seed & Land Co. Contact me (Glenn Peake) at glennpeake@yahoo.com or 404-394-1331.

  • A True Professional in Every Way!

    JD and his crew were absolutely fantastic! JD spent almost 3 hours evaluating my yard and then showing me which trees he felt needed attention and why. When his crew showed up, I was amazed at the professionalism and efficiency they preformed the work. They removed several trees, pruned over a dozen and then ground the stumps and hauled off the debris. JD then contacted me after the job was complete and wanted to know if I was satisfied with the work. I would not use any other Tree service and will definitely call them again for any future work! 5-STARS All The Way!!

  • Quick response

    We had a pine fall into our kitchen and in the early morning hours and it began to rain. After calling a few tree removal companies and getting answering services and voice mails. Not only was JD at 72 tree was prompt in returning our call but in responding to our house. I have never had something like this happen to me or anyone else I know and JD was very helpful. I would definitely recommend and use 72 tree again.

  • Delivered on all agreed terms - and then some!

    JD reflected the Consummate Professional: addressing all my concerns, highly focused on providing excellent customer service and extremely knowledgeable of all things 'trees'. If half of the people I work with in my day-to-day professional career were to exhibit JD's commitment to getting the job done right the first time, we would be a lot better off as a company! I enthusiastically recommend JD for any and all tree related jobs as he definitely puts the 'ACT' (as in how best to act) back in 'ContrACTor'. Thanks JD!

  • A true PROFESSIONAL service

    I firmly believe in labor versus SKILLED labor. JD was a true professional, and he mentioned 2 words that other companies did not: safety, and permits. My home, deck, and fence were not harmed, which really says alot. JD and his crews were efficient, tidy, and knowledgeable. I would have no reservations about hiring them again.

  • Excellent experience

    We had a great experience working with J.D. and 72 Tree. A large tree in our backyard fell, and we called 72 Tree after reading reviews on Kudzu. J.D. called back right away and came out the next day. He gave us great information and was able to work with our insurance company to get the tree removed quickly. The day of removal his crew arrived on schedule and J.D. was there to supervise everything and make sure it all went according to plan. Everything went so smoothly and I felt very comfortable working with J.D. He was very honest with us and I would highly recommend 72 Tree to anyone needing a tree removed.

  • Extraordinary Professional - 110% Honest!

    Before 72 Tree our backyard looked like a junk forest of Chinese Privet and Poison Ivy. JD, the owner, personally gave us a reliable estimate in writing with his insurance documents. The 72 Tree crew with JD removed 8 dying trees and 150 cu. ft of invasive plants; then trimmed branches, mulched, graded soil and spread seed. In addition JD did a lot of extra work, i.e., removing two dangerous 100 ft. rotten Oak trees next door. The crew represent landscape experts who absolutely provide excellent work. When finished the yard looks immaculate. Based on our shared 35 plus years career experience in National Parks management and Life Sciences we believe that JD and 72 Tree represents honesty, seasoned experience and trusted knowledge.

  • Way Beyond Expectations.

    I don't write reviews much. But I'm so impressed with the experience my family had with 72Tree that I wanted to share it. We had 4 trees removed and almost an acre of brush cleared. I was amazed at the quality of work and the care that was taken of our house and property. Customer Service is alive and well at 72Tree. JD and his crew were great to do business with and I will use them again. You should too!!

  • Came the same day I called

    The Leland Cyprus trees in my yard were dying and I needed to know why. The owner came to my house on a Sunday afternoon and diagnosed the problem for a very reasonable price

  • Great job removing trees and stumps

    JD and his crew did a very good job of removing 3 trees with no damage to the yard. Two trees in the front were removed and stumps ground. A double trunk tree in the back was removed via crane which prevented any damage to the sod or fence. All work was handled promptly and professionally. JD also gave good advice about reseeding the area in the front yard where a large bartlett pear had been which saved the expense of resod'ing the area.

  • Saved me money

    I called 72 Tree about a problem with maple trees. JD spent a lot of time on the phone with me, diagnosed the problem and told me not to spend any money at the present time. I appreciate the fact that he save me money and I will absolutely use him in the future. Thanks JD.

  • "Above and beyond"

    JD of 72 Tree helped us completely remediate major storm damage with fallen trees. He took very good care of the unique facets of our property and home. And the entire crew is efficient, professional and respectful. We highly recommend 72 Tree, you will be well taken care of!

  • Great Service

    JD and his crew came out a couple of months ago and removed some dead trees. They also planted some new fur trees in the back yard. The new trees did not look to good to us after all the rain and snow so I asked JD to come back to make shure the new trees were OK. The new trees were fine and JD ended up spending well over an hour trimming other trees for us at no charge. Also gave me some ideas on how to deal with a difficult situation in the yard. Great job ... honest folks, very highly recommended. TD in Duluth.

  • Surpassed my Tough Expectations

    I used Kudzu to have 4 tree companies quote my job in Marietta. I had 6 trees needing removed, plus 6 more needing an arborist "touch." I needed a company capable of taking trees down without damaging my yard. 72 Tree and the owner JD were FANTASTIC! He was very fair on his quote, came out and personally walked thru my yard with me recommending what trees to cut, which ones not to cut and how he would remove and preserve my sodded yard. The other companies were more not as willing to tell me I did not need to cut some trees and save me money. The removal left yard perfectly intact and the cleanup was spotless and the owner JD and his crew are professional, VERY knowledgable. They exceeded on all they promised and I would HIGHLY recommend this company if you want the job done right.

  • Professional!!

    We moved here from Rhode Island last year and Live in Woodstock GA in a very wooded area that happened to get some torando damage. We had large trees overhanging and near the house that were in bad shape and really a threat to the house. JD and his crew were the best I've seen. They are extremely friendly, but more so they are Pro's at what they do. Trust me I've seen "tree-guys" before and that's all they were. 72 Tree shows the differance. Awesome,fast,and highly recommended. Dave

  • Great Aborist and Tree Company

    I would highly recommend J.D. for his tree work. I live on 2+ acres of land and needed an Arborist to come over in a hurry since we had a very large tree leaning vicariously against another tree which could have fallen onto our busy street. I called him and he came within the hour. We accepted his offer and within another hour he had people cutting down that tree and many (over 50)other trees in my yard. He also went above and beyond what we expected. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in have some tree work. He is VERY knowledgeable and very nice. We plan to have him come out this spring to do a walk through and visual check of our property again. It is not too easy to check trees in the late fall.

  • Knowledgeable and Professional

    The owner of 72 Tree Seed and Land Co., J.D., is a certified arborist and knows his stuff. You can count on him to be on time and conduct himself and his crew as professionals. He has the experience to do about any tree removal job big or small as he has done it for years. As the other reviewers have already stated, J.D. is worth every penny.

  • Tornado Tree Damage

    On April 19, 2009 our Woodstock, GA neighborhood was hit by a devastating tornado. Many homes were damaged from the winds and falling trees. We met JD around noon on the 20th and were, at once, very comfortable discussing our damages and his expertise in tree removal. He had his work crews (crane, stumps, tree climbers and general laborers) on the job in very short time. Not at any time were we disappointed in the work being done to get us back to "normal" after the tornado. JD worked very closely with our insurance company. He has also returned recently to give us an evaluation of ALL of the remaining trees on our property. We would highly recommend JD and 72 Tree for any of your tree work.

  • Tree Removal

    We recently retained the professional services of 72 Tree, Seed & Land Co., LLC for an extensive hazardous tree evaluation of our estate. J.D.S., the owner & founder of 72 Tree, personally inspected our property and provided the assessment and proper abatement. Two additional trees, which were virtually undetected and or overlooked by other tree companies, were found to be serious threats to our property and the safety of our family. A 120ft. tall pine tree was determined to have extensive decay at the 95ft. mark in the crotch of a codominant stem; this was only determined by climbing the tree all the way to the top. We would also like to thank Charles Freeman for performing this dangerous inspection. Several other companies, who offered a free inspection, did not even come close to the vast knowledge of 72 Tree. A second hardwood was determined to have extensive root decay and leaning toward our dwelling; this tree was also undetected by the other companies. J.D. explained the entire tree removal operation using a 90 ton crane & a 40 ton crane. These trees were removed with no damage to the remaining healthy trees while preserving the ecology and aesthetics of our estate. We will definitely use this firm again and highly recommend this firm to all of our clients who need an industry expert. Thanks, also to Charles, Jason, Kirk, & crew for an unprecedented feat of work done at a fair price.

  • Emergency Tree Removal 5-28-2009

    A large Pine tree fell on my house sliding from the roof to my gas meter connected to my house. The Fire and Atlanta Gas Light were called 911. Natural Gas was leaking from the broken meter and the tree ended up landing right on my gas line. Mr. J.D. Shamoun of 72 Tree owner & Founder was called to be on site for the correct removal of my tree. J.D. is a ISA Certified Arborist, and the only (STAE) in Ga. A 90 ton crane was brought in to remove the tree over the power lines and by saving my lawn from being tore up. In that same day the meter was replaced and the tree was completely removed and tree removed. With J.D.s knowledge of insurance claims working with my insurance co. I was able to receive a check for the whole job, 72 Tree Co. was definitely worth the money. My Wife and I are very grateful for a job well done by True Professionals.