As a City of Atlanta homeowner, it’s my pleasure to enthusiastically recommend J.D. Shamoun and 72 Tree Seed & Land Co. Not only was J.D.’s bid on our very challenging tree removal among the most competitive of the nine services that bid, but also, J.D. and his team distinguished themselves for their high-quality work, professionalism, courtesy, expertise, and fidelity to their promises. We needed to take down and remove from our backyard a 90-foot tall Southern Red Oak with extensive heart rot. Access was very difficult, and each tree service that bid on the job concluded that using a crane would be best for the safety of the crew and for reduced impact on our property and that of our neighbors. Yet only J.D. seriously investigated the options for using a crane. Whereas the other firms quickly concluded that crane access was impossible, J.D. studied the access points closely, consulted a crane operator, and proposed using a short-wheelbase, narrow crane. As with everything J.D. promised, he delivered on his pledge to use a crane successfully. There was absolutely NO impact on any property. We are grateful to J.D. for his willingness to do what other tree services deemed impossible. We also appreciate his and his team’s professionalism and expert work. I would be happy to speak with anyone who’d like additional details of the outstanding work performed by J.D. Shamoun and 72 Tree Seed & Land Co. Contact me (Glenn Peake) at or 404-394-1331.