Christmas Tree Recycling

christmas tree recycle programAs you gear up for the holidays, you may purchase, setup, and decorate your Christmas tree. During the holidays these trees offer visual pleasure, add to the holiday spirit, and are the centerpiece of your home.

Then after the holidays are over, you need to dispose of your tree. A great question you may have is, “How can I dispose of my Christmas tree in the most environmentally friendly way possible?”

Across the U.S. many municipalities and local Christmas tree farms offer a Christmas tree recycling program. The cities and farms usually coordinate and have various Christmas tree drop-off locations for their residents. Local fire stations and major retailers like Home Depot are often drop-off locations.

The trees that are dropped-off are then chipped and turned into organic mulch that can be re-used. This not only saves precious landfill space, but also provides a simple and environmentally conscious means of your disposal.

Christmas tree farmers plan these beauties that add so much cheer to our holiday season, but dumping these trees in the trash adds to the waste in already overflowing landfills. An easier and usually more convenient solution is to participate in your local Christmas tree recycling program.

Contact your city government or local tree farm to learn of the nearest drop-off location. Happy Holidays from our team at!