We recently retained the professional services of 72 Tree, Seed & Land Co., LLC for an extensive hazardous tree evaluation of our estate. J.D.S., the owner & founder of 72 Tree, personally inspected our property and provided the assessment and proper abatement. Two additional trees, which were virtually undetected and or overlooked by other tree companies, were found to be serious threats to our property and the safety of our family. A 120ft. tall pine tree was determined to have extensive decay at the 95ft. mark in the crotch of a codominant stem; this was only determined by climbing the tree all the way to the top. We would also like to thank Charles Freeman for performing this dangerous inspection. Several other companies, who offered a free inspection, did not even come close to the vast knowledge of 72 Tree. A second hardwood was determined to have extensive root decay and leaning toward our dwelling; this tree was also undetected by the other companies. J.D. explained the entire tree removal operation using a 90 ton crane & a 40 ton crane. These trees were removed with no damage to the remaining healthy trees while preserving the ecology and aesthetics of our estate. We will definitely use this firm again and highly recommend this firm to all of our clients who need an industry expert. Thanks, also to Charles, Jason, Kirk, & crew for an unprecedented feat of work done at a fair price.