Alpharetta Tree Ordinance & Permit Application

Each city has unique tree care ordinances and some have a tree removal permitting process. If you live in Alpharetta Georgia you must abide by the following guidelines to remove your tree(s):

City of Alpharetta Ga Tree Removal Process

Yes a tree removal permit is required to remove any tree (dead or alive) if you are located in the City of Alpharetta.

Below are the key Alpharetta Tree Ordinances and general requirements to remove your unwanted, dead, diseased or hazardous trees. 72 Tree manages this process for all its customers, but below is a summary and link to the tree removal process for Alpharetta residents:

1. Here are the visual instructions to fill out the online application. For this service, a profile with login and password must be established on the City’s site.

2. Either apply for an account, or if you are already registered on the City’s web site, login here for access to the permit registration.

Emergency Tree Removal Ordinance of Alpharetta

Emergency tree removal in Alpharetta is handled on a case-by-case basis. In the event of a tree emergency, contact the Alpharetta Arborist as soon as possible.

If the emergency occurs during non-business hours, leave the Arborist a voice message, fax, or email. Document and take photos of the tree emergency and all damage. Submit the completed application and supporting documentation by the next business day.

All Tree Fall Within Alpharetta Must be Documented

Storm Damage Tree Removal – A removal permit is not required for trees that have toppled or broken due to severe storms. However, documentation of all storm-damaged trees must be submitted to the City’s arborist.

Tree Fall From One Property to Another – Should a tree fall onto adjacent private or commercial property, each property owner is responsible for the portion of the tree on his/her property and all damages resulting from the fall. The owner of the property from which the tree fell should thoroughly document the situation and notify the City’s arborist.

Tree Fall on Private or Commercial Property – In the event of a tree fall on private or commercial property or the emergency removal of a dangerous tree, the City’s arborist must be contacted. These situations are evaluated and addressed on a case-by-case basis.

City of Alpharetta Arborist Contact Information

tree removal ordinance permit alpharetta city hall
The City of Alpharetta Arborist Division protects the City’s trees on private property throughout Alpharetta Georgia. The Arborist Division preserves and permits tree removal projects. The City of Alpharetta Arborist office is located in the Community Development division in the Alpharetta City Hall.

City of Alpharetta Arborist
David Shostak
Phone: 678-297-6229
Fax: 678-297-6071

Alpharetta City Hall

2 Park Plaza

Alpharetta, Georgia 30009
Phone: 678-297-6000

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